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Rebuild and design of a new website to coincide with the launch of their 25th anniversary.


The client

Located in Kentisbeare, Mid Devon, Woofenden's team of skilled Devon Builders and Craftsmen are committed to delivering high-quality work with a sensitive and sustainable approach. 

The brief

Their previous website hadn't been updated for some time, and was no longer fit for purpose. They wanted the ability to edit the site themselves and maintain up to date content. Whilst also launching their 25th anniversary celebrations. 

Services provided

The project

We understand the importance of having full control over your website. Recently, we assisted Woofenden Construction in creating a brand new website. This involved refreshing content, updating projects, and ensuring they had complete ownership and the ability to make changes whenever needed.

A key focus was improving their visibility on Google for location-specific and service-specific searches. To achieve this, we implemented a strategic SEO plan that included thorough keyword research, optimised meta titles and descriptions, effective use of internal and external links, indexing, and adding alt text for improved accessibility and search engine optimisation.

These foundational SEO steps are crucial, but it's important to note that many other factors contribute to success, including on-page and off-page optimisation. Ongoing maintenance and tracking are essential for long-term results.


To visually convey the essence of Woofenden Construction, we collaborated with Rob Coombe Photography. As a family-run business that values its staff and fosters growth, it was crucial to capture their fun, personality-driven, and extraordinarily talented team. The photoshoot aimed to reflect these core qualities, and working with such a great team made the process seamless. The resulting photos perfectly showcase the spirit and professionalism of Woofenden Construction.


Does your website "really" represent your business?

Thank you so much for all your hard work & support in helping to create our new company branding. Your professionalism, creativity & attention to detail has been first class & we can’t thank you enough.

Looking forward to working with you again in the future & thank you once again.

 CVC Directors

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