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A comprehensive approach towards delivering a full business strategy, encompassing graphic design, website design and build, and reporting to name just a few. 
Through a collaborative management with our client, we utilised our expertise to successfully develop an effective and visually appealing website, whilst leveraging data insights to drive informed decision-making.
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The client

Stags is a leading estate agent with over 145 years of experience in the property market across the South West of England and has maintained its presence due to its professionalism and integrity. The company has a wide range of services that are tailored to meet each client's unique needs.

The brief

Katie Thomson Marketing have taken a comprehensive approach to Stags' marketing needs. Our team works alongside their internal team to provide full-service marketing solutions for the business.

We have worked together to update brand guidelines, develop social media strategies, provide business advice and marketing strategy.

Additionally, we have provided graphic design solutions, grown their social media presence, assisted and supported their in-house team with training, worked alongside Homeflow to design and build their new website, and provided SEO support, advice, and execution.

This approach brought a unifying perspective in the marketing, therefore making it a more efficient and effective process.

Services provided

The project

Working alongside the in-house marketing team together with the partners and department heads enables us to provide strategy marketing and business advice.

Together we updated the company's brand guidelines, creating a consistent messaging approach for all departments. Part of our advice when putting together a marketing plan is ensuring the most effective channels are used for each service, this aids in optimising the marketing budget.

Our graphic design services helped Stags create an annual property magazine that focused on the company's unique selling propositions. Additionally, we have created flyers, magazines, and social media templates to tie their brand together. 

Working collaboratively with Homeflow, Katie assisted with the design and build of the new Stags website. The business has many facets and therefore, required a website that promoted all services.

Our monthly reporting provides Stags with a strategic overview of all digital platforms, offering insights into the growth and areas for improvement. Additionally, providing SEO support, advice, and execution to improve the website's visibility on search engines and potential customers.

We have been able to provide Stags with a tailor-made marketing service that has enabled the company to thrive in an ever-changing market. Through this collaboration, Stags can be confident that they have a competent team of marketing professionals who are dedicated to delivering results.

With a consistent approach to messaging, an increased social media presence, and an improved website design, Stags is well-positioned in a competitive market.


Have you considered outsourcing your marketing?

Katie is a pleasure to work with, has great ideas and understands what is needed from a clients perspective. She has led us, jumping and skipping, into the 21st Century. As a business we have historically steered clear of social media for as long as possible. Katie made the set up easy and pushed our brand and business to the next level with ease. It is great to work with someone who makes the effort to immerse themselves in our world and fully understands what is required.

Partner at Stags

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