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Working as their in-house marketing function, we offer all the support required, from social media management and design to business strategy and event management.  
Naturally, when we were tasked with the job of rebranding, we jumped at the chance to bring all their hidden qualities to light.
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The client

Thompson Jenner are a firm of chartered accountants based in Exeter and Exmouth. They pride themselves on really getting to know their clients and their businesses in order to provide the best possible service bespoke to the individual. They are a fantastic company to work with, their passion, range of knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none!

The brief

We were first instructed back in 2020 and provide marketing consultancy, social media management, e-marketing campaigns, design, business strategy and event management.

We act as their in-house marketing function, offering all the support required. More recently we were approached by the client to carry out a rebrand, this included logo design, typography, brand guidelines, a new website and updated imagery.

Services provided

The project

We have always felt that there is so much more to Thompson Jenner than meets the eye, there is a wealth of knowledge but also a passion and energy that is second to none. Most importantly, there is a personality that you just don’t get anywhere else.

Naturally, when we were tasked with the job of rebranding, we jumped at the chance to bring all these hidden qualities into the light.

There are three key things to think about when looking at branding: -

· Understanding

· Consistency

· Recognition

The more you emphasise your mission and values, the better your customers will understand you. With Thompson Jenner the strapline “you are more than just a number” is an integral part of who they are and became our main focus when introducing new branding concepts. This statement is absolutely accurate, whether you are a client, a member of staff or a consultant, you can feel the passion, genuine interest and understanding that is at the very heart of TJ.

Brand colours are powerful, they are often the first thing that a customer sees and can help customers decide whether they want to engage or not. For us a tone of blue was an obvious choice for a professional service business as it portrays trust, loyalty, professionalism, and confidence. However, when it came to adding in some of the more hidden attributes of the business that we were keen to showcase, we felt orange made the perfect pairing. Orange depicts enthusiasm, success, encouragement, happiness, and warmth.

It is a busy and competitive market; you need to be a recognisable and trusted brand. It is so much more than just a logo, everything from the imagery you use to the words you write is important.

Consistency is key – a phrase that we use a lot but really is what we believe. It is important to maintain a consistent look from your imagery, but it is also essential when it comes to your messaging and tone. Everything you say and do should be “on brand” this will ensure that you are recognisable and trusted as well as showing that you understand the main objective and focus of what you do.

We believe that the Thompson Jenner rebrand showcases their expertise while bringing their unique personality and hidden strengths to the forefront.

Make sure your brand truly reflects who you are and stands out from the crowd!


Have you considered outsourcing your marketing?

After making the decision to outsource our marketing needs, the fresh approach and the valuable scrutiny that you get from using an external professional advising has been brilliant and made us look at how we market our services to increase our appeal. The team are always there to support us and are very much now part of our business strategy.

Simon Lewis, Partner

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