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Maximise your event presence: Tips for a successful stand

Investment of both time and money into exhibiting at an event brings a lot of pressure to get every detail right. There are several key elements to ensure you get the most out of the event:

1. Staff representation

Ensure each staff member at your stand has a clear purpose. Consider their positioning and how they will engage with potential clients/customers. Balance is key: too many staff can be intimidating, while too few may result in missed opportunities. Set clear objectives—your team should reinforce the brand values and messages showcased by your stand.

2. Train staff to engage effectively

Staff should always be open, smiling and at the front of the stand at all times. There is nothing worse than walking past a stand with the staff hiding at the back in the dark, talking amongst themselves or worse still sitting down looking disinterested. Train your staff to ask engaging, open-ended questions that lead to easy conversation. Avoid impersonal questions like “Can I help you?” that can deter potential customers.

3. Think about the stand content

Investing in a well-designed stand is essential, but equally important is the selection of marketing materials. Display materials accessibly and avoid clutter. Every item on your stand should have a clear purpose and contribute to your overall goal.

4. Provide the right amount of information

Don’t overwhelm visitors with too much information. Your marketing messages should be concise and impactful. In the brief moments it takes for visitors to walk past your stand, they should understand what your brand is, what it does, and what it stands for. Provide enough information to intrigue them and encourage further engagement.

5. Qualify your visitors

While appearances shouldn’t be the sole basis for judgment, qualifying prospects helps you focus on the most productive interactions. This is crucial for securing repeat business. Identify your target market and focus on attracting those specific prospects, especially if you offer a niche product.

6. Stay motivated

A strong stand concept and design are just the beginning. Maintain inspiration throughout the event with enthusiastic staff and engaging demonstrations. Months of planning can be undone by poor performance on the day, so ensure your team remains motivated and energetic.

7. Ensure functionality

Your stand needs to be practical as well as visually appealing. Plan the customer journey through your stand, from a welcoming reception area to demonstration zones and private negotiation spaces. Consider your stand's location at the event and take steps to enhance its visibility if it’s not in a prime spot.

8. Enhance the visitor experience

Offer something unique to make your stand stand out. This could be anything from a café giving away free coffees to interactive displays or engaging competitions. Provide an experience that makes visitors remember your brand.

9. Manage logistics efficiently

Understand the logistics involved. Be aware of size and weight limitations, setup and pack-down deadlines, and any specific rules and protocols. Often, it makes sense to use a professional stand design company to handle these details. Have contingency plans in place for any potential issues.

10. Follow up

The success of your exhibition doesn't stop at the end of the event. Keep detailed notes and records during the event, and create a follow-up schedule for the weeks afterward. Consistent contact with the leads you’ve secured will ensure your business continues to benefit from the event long after the event itself.

For more help to maximise your event success, get in contact with our team. From bespoke stand design and installation to event project management, we offer a complete end-to-end service to ensure you make the most out of your investment.


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